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Day 12 – Return Voyage

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29/12/2016 – The return home.


Unlike our drive down, we decided that we would bravely attempt driving back home all in the one day.

All cleaned up

We got up around 8am and had the car packed, and the room clear right on  9am.  With everything packed and the boys strapped in, we hit the road right on 9am and drove out of town via Daylesford.  Unlike the other three times we had been that way, we didn’t stop this time, opting to prioritise our time/distance.  Before we knew it we were passing towns like Kyneton.

IMG_9106 IMG_9107
Through Kyneton

Fortunately for us, we were able to make great time as Damian fell asleep and Jake went into zombie mode with the iPad.  It wasn’t until we were well on our way to Albury before we realised the time.  Another stroke of luck, the indirect route north east, took us through country roads with minimal traffic.

We didn’t stop until we had reached the NSW border and the city of Albury.  We had been driving since 9am and made it into Albury just after 1pm, and we stopped for fuel, toilet usage and lunch.  We ate at a place called Burgerville; and managed to get back onto the road just before 2pm. 

IMG_9112 IMG_9114

Albury stop

About half an hour down the freeway, we swapped drivers and I drove from Albury to Gundagai.

IMG_9115 IMG_9209

Dog on the tucker box / Toni in transit

We finally made it home just past 5pm without any incidents.  It was a long day, but it was great to finally set foot back inside our home.

Here’s the final record haul from all the crate diving..

IMG_9578 IMG_9579 IMG_9580


Day 11 – Baccus Marsh/Ballarat

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Our last full day away.. We began with the standard shower/breakfast routine and before we knew it, it was 9:15am.  We hit the car, and realized that the weather had worsened from yesterday.  Less rain, but hurricane style wind. 


We bravely made our way back to Bacchus Marsh, and I made my way back to The Vintage Loft.  I picked up 4 new records, including the rare one I’d come across late last week.  We ate breakfast at the same little coffee shop and hit KFC for the boys on our way out.


The LP which caused all the fuss

We drove back via a small town called Ballan, without stopping.  A lot of smaller businesses seem to be  closed between Xmas and New Years.  We drove back to the resort and Toni took some rest while the boys and I played a bit inside the room.  We got ready and went swimming after Toni had rested, then we changed and drove to Lake Wendouree.  We missed the trams this time – perhaps they didn’t run due to the extreme wind – but at this point it was 36’C.

We might have missed the trams, but the tram museum was open – and more or less deserted.

IMG_9069 IMG_9077 IMG_9084

Tram museum

The boys returned to the large playground for a spell, before we carted them off to Woolworths in Sebastopol to get ice creams and snacks for the return trip tomorrow. 

IMG_9088 IMG_9094

Return to the Playground

We returned to the resort for dinner and some final packing.  Tomorrow is the hellish return trip to Canberra.



Day 10 – Ballarat

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Today we cleaned up our room and started to get our luggage in order.  We had a morning swim and then got organized.  The weather presented us with an overcast day, which turned into a light pouring of rain.  We drove into the Ballarat CBD and tried in vain to find a café on Webster street (was undergoing renovation), so we ended up at Europa, just down from the record store. 

Brunch in the CBD

After lunch, we rather aimlessly drove around Ballarat trying to locate something for the boys to do.  We ended up at Ballarat Bowl, which was like a step back in time.


We bowled a game between the three of us (Damian took a bowl off each person, each frame).  We all bowled strikes! 

IMG_9019 IMG_9022
Operating trams/large lake

IMG_9023 IMG_9025
Giant wooden park

Afterwards, we made our way down to Lake Wendouree and saw the trams, then located a large playground which became a mandatory stop.  Afterwards, it was back to the resort and time for further swimming, the boys trying out new swimsuits provided by Santa..


Then it was dinner and sleep.

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