Day 11 – Baccus Marsh/Ballarat

Our last full day away.. We began with the standard shower/breakfast routine and before we knew it, it was 9:15am.  We hit the car, and realized that the weather had worsened from yesterday.  Less rain, but hurricane style wind. 


We bravely made our way back to Bacchus Marsh, and I made my way back to The Vintage Loft.  I picked up 4 new records, including the rare one I’d come across late last week.  We ate breakfast at the same little coffee shop and hit KFC for the boys on our way out.


The LP which caused all the fuss

We drove back via a small town called Ballan, without stopping.  A lot of smaller businesses seem to be  closed between Xmas and New Years.  We drove back to the resort and Toni took some rest while the boys and I played a bit inside the room.  We got ready and went swimming after Toni had rested, then we changed and drove to Lake Wendouree.  We missed the trams this time – perhaps they didn’t run due to the extreme wind – but at this point it was 36’C.

We might have missed the trams, but the tram museum was open – and more or less deserted.

IMG_9069 IMG_9077 IMG_9084

Tram museum

The boys returned to the large playground for a spell, before we carted them off to Woolworths in Sebastopol to get ice creams and snacks for the return trip tomorrow. 

IMG_9088 IMG_9094

Return to the Playground

We returned to the resort for dinner and some final packing.  Tomorrow is the hellish return trip to Canberra.


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