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China Trip 2011 – HDR Photos

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Here’s a set of photos I took recently during our trip to Beijing, Harbin and Xi’an.  Since we’ve returned, I’ve had some time to do some high dynamic range (HDR) tone mapping on the (Olympus) RAW files, to draw out some more detail from the original photos.

Please let me know what you think (leave a comment?); I’m still in the learning stage, and trying to get a feel for what constitutes a reasonable tonal range – here are some examples where I’m playing with several tonal filters.

P1033485_tonemapped P1043963_tonemapped 

Forbidden City, Beijing                                 Great Wall of China

P1054531_tonemapped P1064837_tonemapped

Ice and Snow World, Harbin                          Siberian Tiger Park, Harbin



Beijing – Forbidden City Panoramas

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While we toured one of China’s most well renown sites, the Forbidden City – the former Imperial Palace in Beijing, I managed to shoot a number of photos which I intended to stitch into panoramas later.  Well, it is now later, and here are the results for your enjoyment.  To say that the Forbidden City is huge is an understatement which, I hope, these photos will testify to.


This is after entering the Meridian Gate


This is a view from inside the “Gate of Supreme Harmony”


Finally, this is from the centre of the parade ground, in front of the “Hall of Supreme Harmony”



Technical Notes

For the stitching process, I used Microsoft Research’s most excellent Image Composition Editor (ICE) which you can have a look at from the Microsoft Research website.

Photos were shot (no tripod) with an Olympus E-620 dSLR, with a 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 67’ semi professional lens. 

The source images are small JPEG, but I have the same source in Olympus RAW as well (used the JPEGs for convenience).


Xi’an – Terracotta Warriors Video

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Here we have a video showing the famous Qin Terracotta Warriors at the main dig site.  The warriors you see are actually reconstructed; they were originally excavated and found in ruins, there are still many hundreds or thousands buried around the mausoleum and only one has been found intact.  It takes approximately six months to restore a single statue.

Restoration has been more or less halted in favour of a wider excavation effort in the region.  Some of the warriors have toured international museums in the past, but have not left the country since the early 1980s. 

The site and the warriors are about 2,200 years old and were originally painted/coloured.  The unexcavated warriors still have their original colouring, and will not be unearthed until technology is developed to prevent damage through oxidization.

This video was shot by Toni when we were visiting the main dig site!

If you need a plugin for Firefox, you get download it here


Launch in external player (or download the video)



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