Beijing – Forbidden City Panoramas

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While we toured one of China’s most well renown sites, the Forbidden City – the former Imperial Palace in Beijing, I managed to shoot a number of photos which I intended to stitch into panoramas later.  Well, it is now later, and here are the results for your enjoyment.  To say that the Forbidden City is huge is an understatement which, I hope, these photos will testify to.


This is after entering the Meridian Gate


This is a view from inside the “Gate of Supreme Harmony”


Finally, this is from the centre of the parade ground, in front of the “Hall of Supreme Harmony”



Technical Notes

For the stitching process, I used Microsoft Research’s most excellent Image Composition Editor (ICE) which you can have a look at from the Microsoft Research website.

Photos were shot (no tripod) with an Olympus E-620 dSLR, with a 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 67’ semi professional lens. 

The source images are small JPEG, but I have the same source in Olympus RAW as well (used the JPEGs for convenience).

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