Xi’an – Terracotta Warriors Video

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Here we have a video showing the famous Qin Terracotta Warriors at the main dig site.  The warriors you see are actually reconstructed; they were originally excavated and found in ruins, there are still many hundreds or thousands buried around the mausoleum and only one has been found intact.  It takes approximately six months to restore a single statue.

Restoration has been more or less halted in favour of a wider excavation effort in the region.  Some of the warriors have toured international museums in the past, but have not left the country since the early 1980s. 

The site and the warriors are about 2,200 years old and were originally painted/coloured.  The unexcavated warriors still have their original colouring, and will not be unearthed until technology is developed to prevent damage through oxidization.

This video was shot by Toni when we were visiting the main dig site!

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