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Flashback: Mont St Michel

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Back in 2009 we visited the thoroughly impressive monastery which lies just off the northern coast of France.  This trip had been a life long ambition of mine since I was a teenager studying history in high school.

Now, here is a photo retrospective of that exciting journey, now over four years ago…

                    P8092409_tonemapped  P8092466_tonemapped

P8092305-fix_tonemapped  P8092414_tonemappedP8092417_tonemapped  P8092356P8092486_tonemapped  P8092499


Panorama Guy

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Time for some more panorama shots.  The first is brand new, I hadn’t stitched these photos before, and the result is quite breathtaking if I do say so myself.

It is a view of Rome from the top of the infamous Castel Sant’ Angelo near the Vatican.  This view sweeps (left to right) across the Tiber and the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II towards the Vatican and then right to the wall connecting the Castel to the Holy See.

Rome from Castel Sant’ Angelo

Larger (1024×170)

The second is another attempt to stitch the impressive Place de la Bourse which is a very large square next to the Gironde river in Bordeaux, France.  At the time I was unable to put enough distance between myself and the square to get a complete shot (even with the 11-22mm lens!), and my previous stich attempts have been far from stellar.

Bordeaux: Place de la Bourse

Larger (1024×184)


Italy – Day 1 (Rome, Pt 1)


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August 18th : Rome, Italy


The Pantheon by twilight

Ah, Roma!  In our first day ashore we managed to canvas so many amazing attractions.  Our day started with a guided tour of the Vatican Museum, followed by the Sistine Chapel, St Peters Basilica and finally St Peter’s square.

P8184346 P8184431

Toni inside St Peters Basilica      St Peters square 

Once we had checked into our lovely hotel (Hotel Artorius – Via del Boschetto 13, 00184 Rome, Italy)

, we visited the following, on foot!

All I can say right now is: "breathtaking!!"

  • Coliseum
  • Trevi fountain
  • Spanish steps
  • Pantheon
  • Piazza Navona

P8184509 P8184543 

Inside the Coliseum                                 Rob views the Coliseum

Yes, it has been a feature packed day.. We are both totally beat.  Will update more soon.


The Trevi Fountain

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