China Trip 2011 – HDR Photos

Posted On By Rob

Here’s a set of photos I took recently during our trip to Beijing, Harbin and Xi’an.  Since we’ve returned, I’ve had some time to do some high dynamic range (HDR) tone mapping on the (Olympus) RAW files, to draw out some more detail from the original photos.

Please let me know what you think (leave a comment?); I’m still in the learning stage, and trying to get a feel for what constitutes a reasonable tonal range – here are some examples where I’m playing with several tonal filters.

P1033485_tonemapped P1043963_tonemapped 

Forbidden City, Beijing                                 Great Wall of China

P1054531_tonemapped P1064837_tonemapped

Ice and Snow World, Harbin                          Siberian Tiger Park, Harbin


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