Day 10 – Ballarat

Today we cleaned up our room and started to get our luggage in order.  We had a morning swim and then got organized.  The weather presented us with an overcast day, which turned into a light pouring of rain.  We drove into the Ballarat CBD and tried in vain to find a cafĂ© on Webster street (was undergoing renovation), so we ended up at Europa, just down from the record store. 

Brunch in the CBD

After lunch, we rather aimlessly drove around Ballarat trying to locate something for the boys to do.  We ended up at Ballarat Bowl, which was like a step back in time.


We bowled a game between the three of us (Damian took a bowl off each person, each frame).  We all bowled strikes! 

IMG_9019 IMG_9022
Operating trams/large lake

IMG_9023 IMG_9025
Giant wooden park

Afterwards, we made our way down to Lake Wendouree and saw the trams, then located a large playground which became a mandatory stop.  Afterwards, it was back to the resort and time for further swimming, the boys trying out new swimsuits provided by Santa..


Then it was dinner and sleep.

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