Day 3 – Crackenback Resort

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One full day in the bag, another just beginning.  It’s a Sunday in the Snowy Mountains, and rising around 8am, I get the distinct impression that today’s weather is going to be different from yesterdays – and so it goes. 

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Peaking out the bedroom window, all I can see is a fine layer of splendid sparkling frost.  I’m still in pyjama pants and a T-shirt, but I put shoes on and walk down to check out the lake more closely.  I sit on the park bench as a couple push a pram past me.  I must have looked quite the sight!  After a few minutes, I decide to head back.


The kids are up, and they see it too.  Before I know it, both have wisely donned heavy jackets and are outside exploring the frost laden terrain surrounding  the chalet.

Even the view from the mezzanine isn’t too shabby —


As I anticipated, the sun rose and gave way to a beautiful alpine blue sky, with precious few wisps of cloud to be seen.  Another walk of the lake, gave me ample opportunity to capitalize on the exceptional weather.  Without the sun, it probably would have been chill, but the weather gave us exceptional conditions. 

This place is simply gorgeous – no filters or post-exposure manipulation, folks:


After a short while enjoying the photography exercise, it is back to the chalet.  I brew up some hardy coffee with the stove top percolator to get things off and running.  The kids chew on some up and go and we play cards, until fighting breaks out.  We’re clocking close to 9:30am and I’m chomping to go to the Cuisine restaurant for breakfast.

  • Breakfast at Cuisine (included)


We drive down to save time, but Uncle Matt’s car’s windshield has frozen over.  We get it sorted and still make it with plenty of time to spare.  I wasn’t sure if breakfast was included and we eventually work out that our name is on the list – and so we enjoy a buffet hot breakfast with more coffee.  Eating, and enjoying the warmth of the restaurant – the kids explore and find a children’s playroom to keep them occupied.  With my new diet, I was controlled and only allowed minor infractions.

After we’ve all eaten, it’s a little past 10am and a few of us opt to walk back to the chalet.  Gorgeous conditions.

  • Walk back to Chalet

IMG_3218 IMG_3193

IMG_3195 IMG_3221

The boys, Uncle Matt and I opt to get dragged to some swimming time, whilst Toni undertook the same walk I did the previous day out to the Thredbo river.

  • Swimming, sauna.. back to Chalet


We spent a good hour perhaps at the pool & gym.  Uncle Matt and I alternated with the sauna, and the kids had a typically splashy time.  We were joined by another family at one point as people started to flow into the facility.  The clock hit 12:30pm and Toni met us at the pool while we figured out the next move.  We went back to the chalet and got changed, and then Uncle Matt and I went back up to the Alpine Larder for lunch.  This time I had a Caesar salad with peri-peri chicken to keep things (from a diet perspective) reasonable.

  • Lunch at Alpine Larder followed by archery

IMG_3210_1_Soft 3 IMG_3212

After lunch, we returned to the activities centre and picked up bows and arrows for some target practice.  Not long after, I got a message as the kids and Toni were at the tennis courts, so we grabbed an extra racquet and a basketball and walked over.  We spend about an hour and a quarter hitting tennis balls and getting quite knackered, stamina and health-wise.

  • followed by 1 hour of tennis


Approaching 4pm, we returned to the chalet, to rest.  Unlike the previous day, I had no desire for any extra bush walks.

Around 4:30pm I walked down to the lake side to see if I could nail some photos at dusk.  The amazing blue sky is replaced with a silver and grey sheen, with low clouds hanging in the vicinity of Mt Kosciuszko, to the west.  As the daylight drifted casually into the darkness of the early evening, I returned to the chalet to work on the evening’s meal.  Honey soy kebabs with rice and a salad of shredded cabbage & carrot.

APC_0083_Balanced IMG_3246

After dinner, we played cards and mellowed out.  We had an extended series of “hide and seek” with most of the adults playing along as well.  I must say, I tried my best, but discovered how hard it is to disguise my girth.

Around the kids’ bedtime, Uncle Matt departed back to Canberra, bravely tackling the Snowy Mountain roads in the night.  We bid the kids a good night’s rest and began the task of partially packing the car and cleaning up the chalet. 

A little bit of TV watching followed, and then that was it for our third night.

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