An Xmas Flashback

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Rob.Simpsons.XmasHappy Holidays, everyone.

Well, as the silly season is upon us, I thought it might be high time that I take a look back through old Christmas photos from years gone by.  Luckily, I had a digital camera very early on (i.e. in 1999) – it was a horrible Canon DC-25 – which took substandard 96 dpi (493×373) photos in underwhelming detail.

There were a few gaps in between, until I rediscovered an interest in digital photography in 2004, with my first Olympus camera (C740) and wound towards dSLR technology from 2006 onwards.

Here’s a photo retrospective of the history of our Christmas tree, we bought it from the Sydney Grace Bros (before the name change back to Myer) in 1999.  We’ve put it up each year except when we were living overseas, in 2004 (Vancouver) and in 2010 (China).


1999 – Pyrmont, NSW  
Xmas 1999 Xmas 1999
2002 – Hornsby, NSW 2004 – Vancouver, CA
Xmas 2002 Xmas 2004
2005 – Lane Cove, NSW 2006 – Beecroft, NSW
Xmas 2005 Xmas 2006
2011 – Bruce, ACT 2012 – Bruce, ACT
Xmas 2011 Xmas 2012

2013 – ACT

Xmas 2013

Of course, last year was Jake Sanders’ first Christmas… he rather enjoyed attempting to eat his presents, rather than opening them.  This year, he is joined by his new baby brother, Damian – they are both looking forward to the holidays.  In fact, this is my first son’s second Christmas and my second son’s first Christmas – just to be confusing!

Jake's First ChristmasJake and Damian
Jake, Christmas 2012 / Jake and Damian, December 2013

Happy Holidays!

Rob, Toni, Jake and Damian

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