A Day Trip to Bateman’s Bay

Today, taking advantage of my week of annual leave, we took a day trip down to Bateman’s Bay for some great seafood and a chance for Jake to hit the beach.

Toni and Jake

The trip itself was excellent – little to no traffic, but we didn’t get underway until 10:15am so we arrived at the bay around 12:30pm.  We met up with Toni’s mother Joan, and then went to the Innes Boat Shed on the waterfront for lunch.

Damian at lunch / Jake at Batehaven Beach

After lunch, we bid farewell to Joan, ducked into the local Woolworths to pick up some milk for Jake and then drove south to Batehaven (about 5 mins drive) where Jake prowled the beach grabbing handfuls of sand and mud.

Batehaven Panorama

Then we spent some time at a nearby park which had excellent play equipment, before returning to the car for the return trip to Canberra, arriving at Melba around 5:30pm.

Dinner was hosted by my folks and we ended up back home around 8:30pm and pretty wrecked.

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