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Around town – A Sea Change

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Well… 2020 has obviously been problematic from a travelling perspective.  Given this is my travel blog, you won’t find too many entries for the current year.

Perhaps though, I can provide some context into what’s happened between the catastrophic bushfires and a global pandemic, we managed to pull off a sea change.

We have owned a “weekender” on the NSW South Coast for almost two years, and late last year we started to ponder a permanent relocation to the region.

TL;DR – we did it. 

So instead of sharing travelling adventures with you here.. instead I offer some of my photographic endeavours from our new regional home area.


PB011033_Painterly 2


PB031159_Monochrome 2


PB031201_Painterly 2

PA180979_Smooth 3PA180987_EnhancedPA181001_B&W ArtisticPA181007_Enhanced


Easter Holidays – Day 1

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Today was our first day of the Easter holidays after driving down the coast yesterday.  Although technically the holiday started on Monday, I’d just returned from Dallas, Texas on Sunday and needed the Monday to try to adjust for jet lag.  Tuesday was the first day I started feeling normal enough for the 2.2 hour drive south.  Once we arrived, I did the yard work and went shopping for supplies before we all turned in for an early night at only 7:30pm.

Today we got up at around 7am and had an early breakfast.  We mainly stayed at the house for a few hours before I whipped the boys into the car for our first trip out.  We went to the park nearby and spent some time there before driving back so I could snap the model number of our A/C (Toni, back in Canberra, is attempting to get it serviced when possible).  Afterwards, we went into town and the boys played on the park flying fox for a while while I had a look at the river.  It’s a nice 25 degrees and sunny, and very pleasant.

We later drove to Vulcan street and parked nearby to see if the erstwhile Moruya ice cream parlour was open, but alas it is not (and unclear when it will reopen).  So we drove north to Mogo, and had ice cream there as I had a look in some of the unusual stores for records (found some, but over priced and meh).  We then drove up to Bateman’s Bay to Target, only to find it is closing down and had little stock.  We got back in the car and drove to the plaza.  We dropped into Kmart and I bought the boys some Lego for the afternoon.  We also had a look in EB Games on the way out.  I was disappointed to see the second hand bookstore has gone out of business.

We drove back to Moruya and had a late lunch and assembled most of the Lego.  It was around 4pm that I suggested beach, so we ended up at Broulee beach for about a half hour as the sun started to wane.  We left around 5pm and I got dinner on when we reached home.  The sun has set, and I’m angling to get the kids to bed around 7pm.  It’s worth a shot.. R


Canberra BrickExpo 2016

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This weekend in Canberra we had the annual Lego Brick Expo at the Hellenic Club in Woden.

Last years’ expo was marred by a ticketing meltdown, however this year order has been restored to the proceedings.  Unlike last years’ calamitous overpopulation of sessions, this year the numbers were far more respectable.

Although there seemed to be less exhibitors this year, there was still plenty to marvel at, and for this year the organisers decided to move the Lego train room into the main area for the first time.

It is said that a photo is worth a thousand words, so rather than try and describe the expo, here’s a load of photos for you to enjoy.


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