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Day 12 – Return Voyage

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29/12/2016 – The return home.


Unlike our drive down, we decided that we would bravely attempt driving back home all in the one day.

All cleaned up

We got up around 8am and had the car packed, and the room clear right on  9am.  With everything packed and the boys strapped in, we hit the road right on 9am and drove out of town via Daylesford.  Unlike the other three times we had been that way, we didn’t stop this time, opting to prioritise our time/distance.  Before we knew it we were passing towns like Kyneton.

IMG_9106 IMG_9107
Through Kyneton

Fortunately for us, we were able to make great time as Damian fell asleep and Jake went into zombie mode with the iPad.  It wasn’t until we were well on our way to Albury before we realised the time.  Another stroke of luck, the indirect route north east, took us through country roads with minimal traffic.

We didn’t stop until we had reached the NSW border and the city of Albury.  We had been driving since 9am and made it into Albury just after 1pm, and we stopped for fuel, toilet usage and lunch.  We ate at a place called Burgerville; and managed to get back onto the road just before 2pm. 

IMG_9112 IMG_9114

Albury stop

About half an hour down the freeway, we swapped drivers and I drove from Albury to Gundagai.

IMG_9115 IMG_9209

Dog on the tucker box / Toni in transit

We finally made it home just past 5pm without any incidents.  It was a long day, but it was great to finally set foot back inside our home.

Here’s the final record haul from all the crate diving..

IMG_9578 IMG_9579 IMG_9580


Winter has landed

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IMG_1655_Small IMG_1672_Small

It’s been a while since I last posted a status update, and with Winter well and truly upon us, there’s no time like the present!

Work has been OK, we had a major release in late April which went well, and then last week I spent time split out on another engagement in the Parliamentary triangle.  It was a change of pace, and I missed the far superior lunching options available in Fyshwick – although the scenery was much improved (despite the weather).

On the home front, it’s been a mixed story.  Everyone’s been reasonably healthy until recently with both boys and Toni and I coming don with assorted colds or colds like symptoms.  That hasn’t necessarily derailed our activities, and we ended up at the Botanic gardens last week for a stroll down in the majestic rainforest gully.


As it was Toni’s birthday recently, I agreed to take the boys for the day on a Sunday, and we ventured to the Arboretum for play time.


Jake climbed to the highest point all by himself several times, although an older girl had to help him down the large slide – he is only three years old, after all!

The weekend before last we hit up the Old Bus Depot for coffee beans and Damian had a chance to run the stall with his grandfather – shoppers were impressed.


Speaking of the boys – they continue to grow and grow.  Jake turned three in February, and Damian is now over a year and a half old.  Damian acts far more like a little boy than a toddler, and just keeps improving his skills.  Jake’s vocabulary is finally coming along, he is picking up new words and conventions at a great rate.  Hopefully this continues!


Finally, I took a swing at the new Cadbury Vegemite chocolate – not as terrible as it might appear, but a bit of an experience..


That’s all for now – another update next season Smile


2015 Enlighten Festival

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This week is the middle of the annual Canberra Festival, and one of the highlights (pun unintended) is the annual Enlighten festival, where public buildings in the Parliamentary triangle are lit up with transitions of various colours, themes and – in some cases – multimedia. 


The heart of the festival must be Old Parliament House, which is host to the entire front of the building being lit up in amazing detail.

P3057305 P3057320

The only downside to this vision is the stream of cars driving past – and in most cases, right past the front steps – I don’t know why the road isn’t blocked off after 9pm.  There was a smallish crowd, but it wasn’t too busy and there were excellent opportunities for photo taking.

P3057323 P3057344_fused

My favourite illumination of the House has to be the 800 year anniversary of Magna Carta, one of my most favourite historic documents.  We moved north, past the Sovereignty sign which marks the heart of the Aboriginal tent embassy, and found our way to the National Portrait Museum.   Here, the building facade was illuminated with a multimedia light show.  Most of my photos didn’t come out well, but the odd one did – typically the less moving ones!

P3057353 P3057349

Moving west, we ended up atop a slight rise looking at the outside of Questacon.  Here the building was also given the multimedia treatment, the highlight being a 3D rendering of New York’s Manhattan island.  Beyond Questacon, the National Library had an exceptionally Australian theme going, a mix of Anzac and lifestyle genres.

P3057365 P3057389

On our way back to the Old Parliament House, we examined some of the sculptures along the pathway leading back to the main area.  Here, the trees and statues were also lit up with a rainbow of colours.  All in all, it was a very productive night out, and a good exercise for my camera!

P3057400 P3057404

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