Day 12 – Final Day WPC

Today was the final day of the Microsoft Worldwide conference.  I got up, made breakfast and headed down to the MTCC for the final session of the conference.  The last day, commonly referred to as ‘the graveyard’, lived up to that expectation.  The APAC session was long winded, and didn’t really add a lot of value.  However the main presenter was humorous and informative.  I hung around until lunchtime for a final lunch, before returning to the unit.

Sonic Boom Records

After midday, I took to the streets of downtown Toronto attempting to find a few things to buy.  I went to H&M to try and locate some clothing Toni had found on their website, but they had none of the items in stock.  I found a decent record store, but realised I’d left my LP list back at the unit. Ultimately I ended up back at the unit, then I walked to Union Station and caught the metro out to a shopping centre in a suburb called Dufferin.

Union Station Main Terminal
Dufferin/Kops Records

Here I bought the boys some toys from Toys R Us, and attempted to locate clothes for Toni in the H&M – still no luck.  I returned to the Metro and took it back into downtown.  I wanted to drop off the toys, so looped back through the unit.  At this point I ended up looping back up to opposite the Hotel Rex, and had a look through a different record store.  Ultimately I returned to the unit for a rest, and I was greeted by a complete rainbow adorning the view outside.

Rainbow Sight

After spending some time on Skype talking to home, I finally decided to get off my butt and go eat dinner.  I took a recommendation from my friend Sylvain, and booked a table for one at the nearby Baton Rouge steakhouse, close to the base of the CN Tour.  I ordered a Mexican inspired chicken tenders in Dijonnaise sauce.


Baton Rouge Menu/Dinner

After I’d eaten, I received a text from some fellow Canberrans; they were at another restaurant further north called Michael’s on Simcoe.  I walked up and joined them for a plate of cheese, a bottle of Italian sangiovese and two bottles of red Canadian icewine.  What a great way to wind down the conference!  We called it quits close to midnight, and I waled back to the unit for a well deserved sleep.  The next day I needed to be at the CN Tour, to hopefully be one of the first people to ascend.


Michael’s on Simcoe

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