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Hawai’i and Lana’i

This was a fairly brief trip – partly because it was so close to our last one in February – but a fairly decent trip.  We generally pack a lot into our travels, and this trip wasn’t an exception.  Besides a few slow days on the island of Lana’i, we did a fair amount of running around.

Pictorial Views

Here’s some of the highlights in summary and pictorial format.

P4046226 P4046240P4056262 P4056260


  • Walking to the active lava flow
  • Exploring an isolated tropical valley
  • Running our feet through the warm black sand
  • Playing golf between old lava
  • Exploring the inside of an active crater
  • Playing a round at a world class golf course
  • Winning the ‘tackiest dress’ competition at a luau
  • Walking through an old lava tube

P4056306 P4056371


  • Toni getting sick on Lana’i
  • Bored in Lana’i City
  • Taking cheap torches to the lava flow
  • Kids crapping in the resort pool!
  • Nearly running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere
  • Low budget at a 5-star resort
  • Driving half way up a mountain and having no view


P4117019 P4096955

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been to Hawai’i before, but only stayed on Oahu or Mau’i, then you are really MISSING OUT.  The Big Island is a real taste of the old world, history merged with island traditions.  It couples natural wonders with the convenience of 5-star luxury and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Lana’i is a small island and rarely seems to come across people’s radars.  I’d characterise it as a playground of the very wealthy.  It’s worth a look if you have a decent bankroll, or if you are really into golf. 

I’ll always be thankful to Sarah Richey and DevTest for their generosity in flying all employees and their families out to Hawai’i – it was a special gesture and allowed us a chance to explore Hawai’i in a way we hadn’t previously had the opportunity to entertain.


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