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Day 16 – In Transit, Rotorua, New Year’s Eve

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Today we began the day at 7am in the town of Wanaka, about an hour north of Queenstown on the South Island of New Zealand.  We will ring in 2015 from accommodation 5 minutes’ drive from the town centre in Rotorua on the North Island, New Zealand.  It’s been a hectic day.

In Transit

We initially woke up with time to spare, but then fell asleep again, and did not actually rise until about 7:45am.  Luckily we’d put most of our bags into the hire car the night before so even with less time than planned, we still managed to get everyone fed and/or bathed and into the car and out the door just a fraction after 8am – around 8:10am to be more exact.

IMG_6282 IMG_6285

As predicted the previous day, we met the day with scattered showers and a storm (including thunder and lightning).  This is really NOT what you want in addition to trying to get south of Wanaka in a hurry.  The Crown Pass, mercifully, was not busy – we only encountered a tiny handful of other cars going in either direction – so we made excellent time across the range.  It was  a few minutes after 9am and we snuck into a petrol station just shy of the Queenstown airport.

IMG_6293 IMG_6294

Friends Toni and Matt met us at the car hire return place and we handed off some food supplies to them and had a brief chat about how their holiday was progressing.  They kindly minded the boys while we attended to checking in and applying baggage labels to bags.  Once the bags were dropped, we bid them adieu and continued on through security to the waiting gate.

The connecting flight from Queenstown to Christchurch was for the most part uneventful, although it felt like the plane was caught up in the middle of this storm front which was slowly rolling over the South Island.  The landing in Christchurch was a bit bumpy, but we all survived and the boys were almost perfect little angels during the whole thing.  Poor (sick) D was stymied from an attempt at a well deserved morning nap though.

The wait in Christchurch was minimal owing to the fact we had to get from one side of the airport to the other.  We spent a little bit of time waiting but then the gates opened and we headed off to a smaller plane for the return flight to Rotorua.  This flight started off fine, but just outside Christchurch we hit some serious turbulence which sent the contents of my cup of tea flying into the bulkhead above and then onto the headrest of the chair in front of me.  Aside from that, the rest of the trip passed without incident.


We landed in good time and were met at the gate by our host from the Best Western.  Our luggage literally came off the carousel first, so we didn’t have to wait long before we were on our way once again, this time to accommodation on the western side of town.  We had a decent chat as we made our way, and starting making some plans for the rest of the day.  By the time we arrived we were all set to do some exploration, so once we had the room key, we changed nappies on both boys and then set about exploring.


We investigated the grounds of the motel first, Jake spent some time climbing on the playground equipment first, before we all headed out, and up – to the Rotorua Skyline.  The Skyline predates the one in Queenstown by more than a decade.  It is conveniently located just across from where we’re staying, so it was a logical choice as a destination.  Taking advantage of weather which had been forecast to be raining (which it was not!) we decided to go up and do some more luge.

PC316906 IMG_6302


The view from the top was actually quite impressive, taking in most of Lake Rotorua.  You could even see where our previous accommodation was, across the water.


We paid for 7 luge rides, and we exercised them in the following order: Myself + Jake (Scenic/Luge #1), Toni + Jake (Scenic/Luge #1), Myself (intermediate/Luge #2), Myself (Advanced/Luge #2), Toni (Scenic/Luge #1), Myself + Jake (Intermediate/Luge #1)), Myself + Jake (Intermediate/Luge #1).

PC316986 PC316991

As you might have noticed, there were two separate luge stations, the second one closed a bit early so I was unable to do the advanced track there a second time (it was awesome).  You weren’t allowed to do tandems down the advanced, so I did not do the advanced route at Luge #1.  The slowest part was the chairlift back to the top, but it did allow an opportunity for a few photos here and there.  Jake was utterly thrilled by the luge, and we decided to buy him a T-shirt to remember the day from.

PC317013 PC316976

After an enjoyable afternoon up the hill, we started our return gondola ride just after 5:00pm with a group of tired, but happy campers.


Back at the motel (across the road), everyone including a very tired Damian, were still a little restless.  So we explored the motel grounds and, in particular, rounded the trout stream which runs across the property boundary.  Jake insisted on a return to the playground, where he met another little boy and they had fun on the sea saw. 


We chatted to his mother for a while as the kids played and then Toni turned up  with Damian.  We were there until about 6:20pm when we needed to go back to the room.  Dinner was booked for 6:30pm at the on site restaurant, which was excellent.  Our host kept Jake occupied whilst Toni and I managed to eat our mains.  We had an entree (each) of asparagus with fried haloumi, Toni had the lamb rack and I had salmon glazed miso. 


Once dinner had finished, we returned to the room where the boys were washed and eventually put to bed.  I went with them, and Toni not long after.  I stirred around 10:20pm and decided to write this entry.  We’re about 50 minutes away from midnight and the dawning of 2015.  Tomorrow we are in transit, yet again, back to Sydney – however we have more adventure planned.

Happy New Year

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Day 15 – Wanaka, Lake Hawea and Warbirds and Wheels

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Well, we’ve almost finished our last day in Wanaka.  It’s been one heck of a vacation, so sad to close it out on a sad note.  Damian’s still quite sick, although Toni seems to have recovered.  This will make travelling tomorrow a wee bit more complicated than it otherwise would be.

Although this was our last day in Wanaka (and, indeed, the South Island) we did actually get around a little bit.  The balance of the day was spent at the resort trying to consume our remaining food and also to take a last dip in the pool and get our luggage in order.  With Damian being sick, it’s made the day a bit difficult – he is throwing up and has loose bowels as well.

Jake and I took a trip out to the Wanaka airport while Damian slept and Toni did some packing.  Our destination was the “Warbirds & Wheels” attraction which was a little bit further down the road from the Toy and Transport museum.

Warbirds & Wheels


This location houses a collection of fighter planes (mostly replicas) and a decent collection of luxury classic cars.  Although W & W lacks the gross volume of vehicles that the Toy & Transport museum boasts, it does have an exceptionally classic and rare collection, i.e. what it lacks in volume, it makes up for in quality.  If I had to pick between the two, I’d probably go with the Toy & Transport museum because it was NZD $5 cheaper and covers a broad range of classics, plus all the toys.

PC306694 PC306721


PC306791 PC306805


Lake Hawea


On the way back into town, Jake and I took a ‘slight’ detour north and checked out Lake Hawea in more detail.  Unfortunately for us though, the wind was blowing gale force and it was not wise to even consider getting JB out of the car.  So I took a few strategic shots and pretty much moved on to the local beach.  Same problem here, so a quick couple of shots and then I returned to the car and we headed back to Wanaka.


Lake Wanaka

We naturally couldn’t make it back to the resort without a stop at the Rotary playground on the lakeside.  I took an opportunity to snap one last panorama of the lake, with weather very similar to our first day here.  Jake enjoyed the play equipment and eventually we made our way back to the resort.


Back into town

Back at the resort and we decided to take one last trip into town.  We parked on Brownston street and walked the small central area on foot, with Damian in the stroller.  Our objective was to acquire some additional gifts/souvenirs. 


People were getting ready to head out to a concert up in Cardona, so it was exceptionally busy and all the bars and restaurants were packed.  We picked up a few things and headed back to the car.  I took a few last photos with Toni’s iPhone, and then we bid a final adieu to Wanaka.


Tomorrow we’re ‘in transit’ and will be that way for.. quite some time.  Oh, and tomorrow just happens to be New Year’s Eve!

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Day 14 – Wanaka

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Today was a rest day.  We’ve been doing so much driving and exploring of late, we needed to slow down and recharge.  We spent most of the day at the resort either sleeping, eating in the pool or relaxing on the couch.  Unfortunate though, as it was a beautiful day outside.

Damian has come down with the same sickness which plagued Toni late last week and over the weekend, so he had been randomly throwing up and soiling himself.  The best thing for him is bed rest, so it’s likely tomorrow will also be another prescription of today’s non-activities.

Toni and Jake went to the shops around midday to get some extra kid food.  In the afternoon (around 5pm) we drove to the Wanaka marina and parked there.  We took a walk (Damian in a stroller) from the marina to about half way along Beacon Point, taking in a number of views of the lake and the sunlight playing across the ripples on the surface.


People were docking their boats as we watched, before taking the dirt path north along the side of the lake.  Jake was rather attracted to the many boats at the Wanaka Yacht Club, and was quite upset when we told him none of the boats were ours.

PC296490 PC296492

PC296514 PC296594

Eventually we turned back and headed into the town to get some nappies.  On our way back we stopped at the Wanaka Station Park (which I misnamed as another playground in an earlier article).  This is the site of old Wanaka homesteads from a bygone era.  All which remains today is some basic foundations, a set of steps and wooden plaque indicating where the station house stood.  The gardens were quite splendid though, and we made our way down the the lake side once again, where I met the stranded tree out in the lake.

PC296677 PC296618


..and we then returned to get dinner under way and to put our poor, sick, Damian down for sleep. 

Tomorrow is our last full day in Wanaka Sad smile  Chances are we might line up something to do of interest before we leave.

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