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Day 12 – Return Voyage

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29/12/2016 – The return home.


Unlike our drive down, we decided that we would bravely attempt driving back home all in the one day.

All cleaned up

We got up around 8am and had the car packed, and the room clear right on  9am.  With everything packed and the boys strapped in, we hit the road right on 9am and drove out of town via Daylesford.  Unlike the other three times we had been that way, we didn’t stop this time, opting to prioritise our time/distance.  Before we knew it we were passing towns like Kyneton.

IMG_9106 IMG_9107
Through Kyneton

Fortunately for us, we were able to make great time as Damian fell asleep and Jake went into zombie mode with the iPad.  It wasn’t until we were well on our way to Albury before we realised the time.  Another stroke of luck, the indirect route north east, took us through country roads with minimal traffic.

We didn’t stop until we had reached the NSW border and the city of Albury.  We had been driving since 9am and made it into Albury just after 1pm, and we stopped for fuel, toilet usage and lunch.  We ate at a place called Burgerville; and managed to get back onto the road just before 2pm. 

IMG_9112 IMG_9114

Albury stop

About half an hour down the freeway, we swapped drivers and I drove from Albury to Gundagai.

IMG_9115 IMG_9209

Dog on the tucker box / Toni in transit

We finally made it home just past 5pm without any incidents.  It was a long day, but it was great to finally set foot back inside our home.

Here’s the final record haul from all the crate diving..

IMG_9578 IMG_9579 IMG_9580


Day 1 – Departure and Albury

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Today we packed the car and hit the road.  This is the beginning of an 11-night Xmas holiday which starts “in transit” with a one night stop in Albury, NSW.  Albury is an excellent location for us to stop for the night; it is pretty much right between Canberra and our destination, Ballarat in Victoria.  Location wise, Albury is a city on the state border complimented (to the south) by a Victorian counterpart of sorts of the smaller town of Wodonga.
Boys excited to get under way

We departed at midday, with a short stop in Hawker to get the boys lunch on the run and to do some general car maintenance (fuel, air in the tyres).  We took the northern route out past Hall and through Murrumbateman.  These days, there’s a bypass of Yass, so it was direct to the highway for us.  We had few stops and made good time, motoring past the bush landmarks such as Gundagi, Wagga Wagga and Holbrook.  We were at the outskirts of Albury by 4pm, and checked into our overnighter by 4:15pm.

Open road/resort pool

The place we’re staying in has a pool, so we decided that the best way to shake the 4 hour car ride fatigue was with a family dip in the pool.  This was the perfect elixir, and after about an hour or so we were refreshed and showered.  Reception tipped us to a local bistro (kid friendly) for dinner, so we made our way to the Kinross Woolshed in Thurgoona.  Here I tackled a 500gm steak cooked to medium rare perfection and the rest of the family had excellent meals to suit.


View from our cabin / 500gm steak

The boys enjoyed playing on the modern play equipment outside before and after dinner.  We started to head back to Hume Dam around 8pm, but detoured away from our accommodation for a post-dinner walk across the aforementioned Hume Dam.  The sight was quite impressive, as is the age of the dam.  The sun was setting and hitting the area at just the right angle to get an appreciation of the countryside around us.

Crossing the Hume Dam

We didn’t quite cross to the other side, turning around and heading back to the car as light started to fade out.  A quick drive to the cabin and the usual night time routine for the munchkins – Jake is still fighting sleep at 9pm as I write this.  Both boys are thrilled at the prospect of being on holiday, I just hope they aren’t too excited to sleep, as we have another 4 hours of driving tomorrow as well as the prospect of having to kill six hours as check out time here is 10am, but check in at Ballarat is not before 4pm.


As tomorrow is a Monday, I suspect we will find time to have a brief look through Albury’s town centre and then cross the border and head deep in to country Victoria.  The current plan is to perhaps route through Bendigo as there’s a second hand record store I’d like to check out.  Stay tuned for more.