Day 5 – The Return

It was finally time to return home.

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Today’s map

A short stay is better than no stay, didn’t someone say?  Well, it’s true. 

We didn’t know how far to push things with a new born baby, so four nights was as good as any other number.


Lake Crackenback shines and shimmers in the summer sun.

Pre-packing the car the previous night, possibly to the chagrin of the new occupant of the attached studio, we were ready come morning.

A slightly better sleep this time than the previous day (notwithstanding walking to the top of certain mountains), we were ready to head down to a final breakfast ahead of schedule.

This time around, lots of food and some healthy appetites from the boys.  On the way back, I broke out and walked the river trail for some “last hurrah” photos.

IMG_6018 IMG_6022

Route back to the Chalet | A final view of the Deluxe Chalet

Wouldn’t you know it?  We were on our way by 9:45am.  We drove to Jindabyne and through and on to nearby Berridale.

Toni stopped at a place called “The Collective” to pick up some gifts for some friends who really helped us out between Xmas and NYE.

We continued on to Cooma, where Toni and I had coffee, the kids played on the playground and Austin got a feed and nappy change.

We continued but north, and on to Canberra.  Our first stop was Dynomite Records in Kambah where the kids had lunch and Jake explored the reptile store.  We drove to Coombs and spent some time with friends, checking out the new kids playground nearby.  Afterwards, we hit Oporto for fuel and a quick bite on the way out.  Oporto make a nice salad, but it would have been nice for someone to throw in a fork or spoon.  Our journey to the coast involved baby related stops in Bungendore and Braidwood – where we just missed massive hail storm.

That’s pretty much it.  We made it home safe and sound, and are relaxing through until the weekend!  Until next time..

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