Day 7 – Port Douglas

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P3070289Today was our last full day in Far North Queensland.  As our budget has run dry, we didn’t do any planned activities.

We would have liked to have visited the wildlife habitat further down the road, but at $32.00 per Adult ($64 total) it’s just out of our price range, even with the 10% discount voucher we have.

Unfortunately we spent that money on the unrewarding Tropical Rainforest Discovery Centre, which I wish I could take back.

Palm Tree lined road into Port Douglas

P3070304We spent the day mostly in the room, sleeping, cleaning or packing.  We ventured out after lunch and spent some time in the resort’s pool before cleaning up and driving up to “downtown” Port Douglas to get some essentials from Coles.

Maximising the time, we briefly visited Four Mile Beach (just below the lookout) to discover just how much the weather system has changed this week.  The wind has really picked up, and made the beach look more like a surf beach than we’ve seen all week.

Macrossan Street, Port Douglas

Four Mile Beach no longer a placid lake


I snapped off a few quick photos to stitch into the panoramic (will post later)  As I returned to the car, I spotted a footpath leading around the point, and decided to check it out.

As it turns out, the footpath runs underneath the lookout, so I managed another shot of the beach from a slightly elevated position.  I’d hate to be around if that cyclone decides to make landfall near here.

Four Mile Beach with increased swell


We headed back to the Ramada for Owner’s drinks poolside at 5pm.  Naturally, we were fashionably late!

As it turned out, we all congregated at the rear of the pool area (not in the restaurant) which was a good location.

Luckily there were a couple of nice folks we could relate to (hi to Paul and Nina) and we spent the majority of the time socialising with them.

Toni and Jake returned to the room when Jake started to get tired, and I joined them a little while later, snapping some night shots of the pool/restaurant/bar area on the way back.

A quick and dirty last meal.. some blog writing.. and we’re going to settle in for the night.  Tomorrow we’re officially “In Transit” again… and returning to Canberra.
Waterfall, pool side

P3070359  P3070364
The resort’s poolside bar / Relaxing view

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