Another Sydney Weekend Walkabout

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  Today we went on another walk around the Sydney central 
  district.   Enjoying a stunningly beautiful afternoon, with a light
  breeze and a warm, blue sky, we left Riley and Oxford streets and
  headed north towards the alluring harbour.

  Our journey led us down a steep incline from Oxford, walking past
  cute little terrace houses until we hit William street, where we
  continued onwards to reach the fringes of the Domain.

  Here we walked parallel with the road, north still, crossing up
  along a path leading to the south east side of the Art Museum.  We
  took in the sight of a large pair of matchsticks, as well as
  entertaining views east across Woolloomooloo and the famous
  Finger Wharf.

  From here we walked north and down past Andrew (Boy) Charlton
  swimming pool and out onto the Lady Macquarie Bush Walk.  We  
  walked the track around the edge of the headland, feasting our
  eyes on the brilliant bush flora dotting the edge of the harbour.

  From here we walked west, tracing the lines of the harbour until
  they met that famous skyline featuring the Sydney Opera House
  and the Sydney Harbour bridge, just as the sun had begun its
  descent into the distant west.

  At this stage, we started to head south, through the Botanical
  Gardens at a leisurely pace whilst watching Sydneysiders lazing
  by the harbour side, reading or basking in the sun.

We saw a few weddings in progress, and a few bridal parties being photographed as we made our way back past the Art Museum and up across past St Marys Cathedral, opposite Hyde Park.  We crossed William street again, with the famous Kings Cross Coke-a-Cola sign shimmering in the distance, east of us.

Before long we were back at Oxford street and on our way back home.  A nice, relaxed pace two hours, with a few photographs as mementos of the glorious Spring day in Sydney.

PA156739  PA156748
The North end of Riley Street / Outside the Art Museum

Descending down to the harbourside

PA156761  PA156768
Finger Wharf and Marina / Andrew (Boy) Charlton Swimming Pool

PA156775  PA156777
Harbour side near Lady Macquarie’s Chair / Fort Dennison (Pinchgut Island)

PA156794  PA156802
The Iconic Opera House and Bridge Combination / Sturt’s Desert Pea (Botanic Gardens)

PA156805  PA156816
Sydneysiders relaxing at Farm Cove / Sydney Botanic Gardens

PA156825  PA156829
Public Domain Exists / View to St Marys Cathedral

PA156835  PA156839
St Marys Cathedral in reflection / Busy William street

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