Cruise 2010 – HDR Photo Gallery 1.0

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Hi Folks,

Over the past day I’ve been reviewing a lot of the photos which we took while we were away.  As you may know, I shot all my photos in the Olympus RAW format as well as small JPEG (for convenience) and most of the photos you’ve seen on this site to date have been from the small JPEG variety, as it was easier to upload while we were on the move.

Now that I have (frankly, a lot) of spare time on my hands, I’ve started to do some post exposure processing on some of my favourite photos.  What you can see below is a sample of some of those photos after they have been processed with High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing.  Some of the photos have been tone mapped, and some have been fused.  One photo is actually unaltered, just for good measure.

Please leave comments indicating which photo(s) you liked the best 🙂

khufu-giza st-johns-malta

Khufu Pyramid – Giza, Egypt

St John’s Co-Cathedral – Valletta, Malta

montserrat nile-cairo

View from Montserrat – Spain

Nile River – Cairo, Egypt

rhodes park-guell-barcelona

Rhodes Old Town – Rhodes, Greece

Park Guell – Barcelona, Spain

propylaea-athens khufu-solar-boat

Propylaea – Athens, Greece

Khufu Solar Boat – Giza, Egypt




Parthenon – Athens, Greece








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